I used to be heavily involved with D-Star, D-Rats, and EMCOMM in Marion and Lake counties, which is why I have all of the battery powered radio gear. But now that I am older I’m not doing any local ARES (or MERT) anymore.

I am a member of the Silver Springs Radio Club, but can’t get to the meetings because I do not see well at night to drive. It’s part of that I got older reason again.

Currently, I have two ICOM ID-51a Plus 2 D-Star HT’s that I connect to local vhf/uhf D-Star and analog repeaters (and the world with a ZUMspot Raspberry Pi).

I have a Yaesu FT-2980 VHF that I use for my base station. I also have a USB Signalink for Winlink traffic that connects to the FT-2980.

I have a Yaesu FT-70D for local and via a Zumspot all the Fusion rooms. I also have another USB Signalink for Winlink traffic that connects to the FT-70D.

I have a TYT DMR HT for local DMR traffic and another Zumspot for all the DMR rooms.

I have two Yaesu FT-65 HT’s for back-up local traffic.

And last, but not least, I stll have an original D-star Blue Dongle.

So, go forth and comunicate. I’ll see you down the log. 73’s