Basically we retired and moved to Florida as a home base in 2007. At that time we were “full timing” in a 32′ travel trailer and were headquarted in DeFuniak Springs in the panhandle.

As the years went by health issues demanded we change into a more permanent environment (no steps) and in 2011 traded the trailer for a 3 bedroom CBS home in Silver Springs Shores (just south of Ocala) where we now live.

Health issues have slowed us down. Jeni has fallen a few times, broken a knee cap and a hip in the last few years. Hip replacement took time to rehab from. She has also developed a liking for jigsaw puzzles and caring for potted plants inside and out of our screened in porch. Florida does that to people.

Ed (W9CHA) is still somewhat active in the ham radio community. Where he used to be really active with Amatuer Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the Marion Emergency Radio Team (MERT) he is letting all that go. The “time out” for health care when Jeni was hurt and the pandemic kept him out of the loop for those activities. It is just time to walk away and now HAM radio is back to being a fun hobby, and it is a lot better. Going to clubs in the area like The Friendhip Amatuer Radio Club is also very appealing.

So, mobility is an issue. No traveling for some time now – the pandemic helped that. But, plenty to keep us busy in and around the home. Lunch with Gary Anderson every month keeps old contacts and friends closer.

Thanks for visiting. Send us an e-mail so we can relay our phone numbers and really get in contact.