This is the website of Ed and Jeni Biederwolf, formally of Evansville, Indiana and now of Ocala, Florida. We moved to Florida in 2007 to use as a base for “full timing” in a variety of RV’s. But in 2011 due to our old age (upper 70’s) and physical problems (mobility) we traded in our last 5th wheel and moved from RV parks to a very nice 3 bedroom CBS home (concrete block stucco) in the Silver Springs Shores area of Marion County, which is addressed as Ocala, Florida.

For the next several years we really enjoyed retirement in our new home. Jeni had one bedroom for her craft hobbies and I had one for my radio and computers. All was right with this retirement world. We made new friends in Florida and kept in contact with old ones in Evansville.

But then things changed. From 2016 until even now, politics changed everything. People were angry and divided. If I made an opinion on Facebook or this website, I got very nasty and personal responses, especially from some people I had called friend for many years. It got so bad that I turned Facebook off and for almost two years this website was only used for the edandjeni.com e-mail accounts we use.

Then the pandemic hit, and the information being put out was confusing and the vaccine hard to get. And now the pandemic is coming back. It is August of 2021 and the virus is spreading again. Go to the CDC website for latest updates on what’s going on and what you should do to stay as safe as possible: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html

So, from early 2020 until the spring of 2021 we stayed inside. We got the vaccine as soon as possible and now still go out only as necessary and safe. I am writing this in July of 2021 and it is hard to believe that only about 50% of the residents of Florida have gotten the vaccine, even with it being so available. The reason for not getting it is mixed, but a lot of it is politically motivated. In the future, historians and phycologists will have a field day explaining what has been going on in the USA for the last few years.

Several things have changed since the pandemic started. We have lost contact with many old friends and some family members. We don’t get out and travel anymore, even in our area of Florida like we used to do. And staying at home, mostly inside, for over a year was actually not so bad. We have been married for over 40 years, so we do get along. Being on a “fixed” income allowed us to actually save money by not going out, especially to eat at restaurants. So, we used the adage “improvise, adapt, and overcome”.

Bottom line… we are OK. We will put up some photos of what we are doing now – no old stuff. Want to keep in touch? Hit the Contact page. E-mail works, or we can Zoom or something.

Stay well and stay safe.