Basically Ed retired in June of 2000 and we stayed in Evansville with the plan being to renovate and live in Jeni’s childhood home. But after a few years Evansville just didn’t seem like home anymore and we moved to Florida for our home base in 2007. At that time we were “full timing” in a 32′ travel trailer and were headquarted in an RV park in DeFuniak Springs, Florida in the panhandle.

As the years went by health issues demanded we change into a more permanent environment (no steps) and in 2011 traded the trailer for a 3 bedroom CBS (concrete, block, stucco) home in Silver Springs Shores (just south of Ocala) where we now live.

Health issues have slowed us down. Jeni has fallen a few times, broken a knee cap, broke a hip, had hip replacement surgery, and had major abdominal surgery in November of 2023. So, now mobility is a big issue which means we have not been traveling for some time now (and the pandemic helped that, too). But, plenty to keep us busy in and around the home. Lunch with Gary Anderson every month keeps old contacts and friends closer.

And then, on Jeni’s birthday on the 13th of July, son Greg flew down from Hartford Ct to surprise Jeni. We were both so glad to see him, Covid and other issues had really messed up our visits. Greg had to leave after a few hours to go back home. What a wonderful thing to do for Jeni, really brightened up her life.

August 10th, 2023 was our 45th wedding anniversary. And they said it would never last.

Thanks for visiting our website. We don’t do Facebook or other social media apps anymore. Many of our friends post politiacal items that we don’t agree with, and what is bad is there is no discussion. It is so bad that if you post something that your “freinds” or other people don’t agree with you get bombarded with what I call “nasty grams”.

So, send us an e-mail so we can relay our phone numbers and really get in contact.