It is September 4th of 2023, and my thoughts are with my faithful companion and friend of the last almost 16 years, a female “mutt” named Toto, whose life came to an end today.  And it is hard to think about how my, or our lives, will be without her.  My wife and I are in our late seventies and so used to Toto being with us, it is hard to imagine her being gone.

Toto has been a part of our lives every day from morning to night.  From the morning when she wakes up and greets us until she jumps into our bed in the evening to say goodnight she has just been there.  She stays with either one of us when we are sick.  She has never demanded anything.

I have taken her for granted sometimes, and that is my bad.  But she never complained.  She goes on walks with me in the afternoons.  She likes to ride in the car and sometimes hang her head out the window.  Just little things seem to make her happy. 

I am so used to her being a part of my life I can’t put my head around her being gone.  But, she is almost 16 years old and things started to go wrong.  Really wrong.

So, today I have an appointment with our trusted veterinarian who knows Toto well.  I am worried about what her advice is going to be.  But, I know that I have to be mindful of Toto and how she feels.  How her heath is.  How her quality of life is now.  I was prepared to do what is best for her,and unfortunatly, that meant we had to put her down.

So, I am writing this today because I may not be able to tomorrow.  We came home without her, and I looked around the house at all of he places she frequented… a bed under a table, pillows on a couch, food bowls… many things.  But, she is gone now.

I will look at the pictures I have taken over the years.  It will defiantly not be a happy time. But, then as time goes by I will remember Toto and all of the good times we had as a family.  She is loved, will always be loved, and never forgotten.

Thank you Lord for letting this beloved pet be a part of our lives.