Charlie And TOTO

In 2000 Jeni adopted a rescue Yorkie. The dog was a male named Charlie and was still a puppy. He had one ear up and one ear down and was scared to be around people. He had been purchased by a woman who really didn’t want him and yelled at him all the time. Jeni got him home and a 16 year love affair began. Charlie was a great friend and companion. And yes, Jeni got both ears to stand up.

He liked to go with us and when we moved to Florida to full time he was right there. Charlie’s only problem was he had anxiety about being left alone. After many tries with meds, we decided what he needed was a companion, and that’s when we adopted Toto.

We got Toto in December of 2007. She was about 1/2 Cairn Terrier. The shelter we got her from named her Toto because she looked like the Wizard of Oz dog. These two dogs became inseperable and lived happily together until 2015 when Charlie got cancer in his spine. After many vet visits and a lot of tears, we had to put Charlie down.

So for the next almost eight years we had Toto with us. She was a joy. Toto was a part of our lives every day from morning to night.  From the morning when she woke up and greeted us until she jumped into our bed in the evening to say goodnight she had always been there.  She stayed with either one of us when we are sick.  She had never demanded anything.

I took her for granted sometimes, and that was my bad.  But she never complained.  She went on walks with me in the afternoons.  She liked to ride in the car and sometimes hang her head out the window.  Just little things seemed to make her happy. 

On September 4th of 2023 our thoughts were with our faithful companion and friend of the last almost 16 years, a female “mutt” named Toto, whose life came to an end that day.  It is hard to think about how our lives will be without her.  My wife and I are in our late seventies and so used to Toto being with us, it is hard to imagine her being gone.

So, in early November 2023 we were without a Charlie and Toto and then we found Cari…