Catch Up With Us

I thought I would give anyone interested in the “CliffNotes” of what we have been doing for the last 15 years or so. Retirement has been mostly fun, with some “bumps” in the road. So, it’s October 23, 2002 and with that, here goes…

In 2007 we bought a 5th wheel RV and moved from Evansville to our new home base in DeFuniak Springs, Florida to an RV campground called Sunset King. It was relly nice and gave us a great base to work out of for trips. During our stay there we made one long trip north to Superior, Wisconsin and Deluth, Minnisota.

At that time we had our Yorkshire terrior Charlie with us. He had a bad anxiety problem and we had to crate him to leave him in the trailer. The first part of our trip we went to Texas and while there stopped in a small town with a local vet to see if he had any medication that would help. He told us he didn’t treat big city dogs, but gave us a tranquilizer. It worked if we didn’t mind Charlie sleeping for 12 hours or so.

That was the last long trip we took. The price of diesel went over $5 a gallon, and the 32′ 5th wheel was getting to be a bit much to pull and park. It was also colder in the Florida panhandle at DeFuniak Springs than we wanted, so we moved south to Leesburg in Lake County. We picked up a little female mutt (mostly a Cairen terrier that looked like and was named Toto) who was about 1 year old to help calm Charlie down.

Toto on her pillows

That really worked, and they became inseperable.

Living in Leesburg was OK, it was the RV that became a problem. Jeni started to really have back and knee trouble, and all of the steps in and out of the RV was a little too much. So, around 2010 we sold our RV and bought a 3 BR CBS (concrete-block-stuco) house in Silver Springs Shores, just south of Ocala.

All was well for several years, then Charlie developed tumors on his spine, could barely walk, and was in pain. Very sad day at the end of the summer of 2015 when we had to put our friend of 15 years to sleep. Then in early December we were t-boned by a car that ran a stop sign. Our car rolled over and we ended up upside down in a ditch. Ed had a cracked spine, Jeni hurt her knee. So ends 2015.

In 2016 in Florida, maybe everywhere else, the presidential election caused a lot of tension. When it was over, it didn’t go away. It still hasn’t gone away. Florida is a lot different than most places. But, no snow to shovel. 🙂 Jeni was staying at home most of the time anyway, and Ed started to miss meetings at the Emergency Operations Center (concerning HAM radio involvement in hurricanes) because in his opinion there was more political “discussions” than EMCOM releted work.

In 2018 Jeni fell just outside the front door and broke he right kneecap. Fortunetly it did not require surgery, but she was down for the count for months. She had to learn how to walk all over again.

When 2020 rolled around there was another long year of politics, which meant more hate and discontent everywhere. All the MAGA hats came out and it was not going to be a fun year. Then, COVID came along. State and local government was not much help as officials argued about what to do or not to do all the time. Then people started to die. Time to quarentine.

So for over a year we stayed home except to buy groceries and necessities. Toilet paper disappeared from the shelves first, and then a lot of things were just gone for months. Something else to get used to in our 70’s. But, we finally got our shots and survived.

Then at Thanksgiving in 2021 Jeni fell and broke her right hip, She had hip replacement surgery and started on a long road of recovery. She can walk around for short distances, like inside the house. But outside on the ground, up any inclines, and for long walks in stores, she has to have a walker or our motorized scooter. And she has fallen a few more times, fortunatley withut lasting injury.

While Jeni went though recovery, Ed was the primary care giver and ended his involvemnt in emergency communications at the EOC. We were lucky in the fact we still had a wheel chair, walkers, and other bedside items in good working order from her time with the broken knee. Ed’s old Navy Hospital Corps training of 50 years ago kicked in. We did OK. But, we are on the upper side of 75 now, so we have learned to slow down.

One really good thing about being in the Ocala area is Gary Anderson lives here, too. We get together once a month to talk over old times and think about the future.

So, that’s our CliffNotes for now. E-mail us sometime.