Pi-Star / Zumspot Hints

Pi-star Upgrade

I had some problems doing the latest upgrade for the pi-star / zumspots that I have, so I thought I would pass along some hopefully helpful hints.

First thing I found out the hard way was when I tried to upgrade one of my three Zumspots, it affected the other two that were powered up. So, turn all of the pi-star computers off except the one you are working on.

There is an app you can run to include with the new version for the pi-star that sets up the WIFI router name and password automatically. Don’t use it.

After you load the new version on the micro chip and install it in the pi-star, make sure the computer you are working with is not connected to your WIFI. When you power up the pi-star for the first time it will appear as a WIFI router. Just click on it and it will start up the set-up process in your browser for the equipment.

The first and only thing you want to do is setup the WIFI router for the pi-star, use the search and select it. After entering the router info, immediately go the the POWER tab and turn the pi-star off. Then unplug it.

Re-connect to your computer to your WIFI router. Power up the pi-star. This can take several minutes. Open your browser and enter http://pi-star.local and it will bring up the pi-star configuration. Then you can finish the setup for whatever system you want in the Zumspot.

I have done this three times on my Zumspots and it worked very time. Now, go forth and communicate.

D-Star with Zumspot

After you set up the Zumspot for simplex on your radio, go back to the settings and set the offset to -DUP. I know, but it will not work without the change.

DMR Password

DMR will not work on the Brandmeister network anymore without a password in the Zumspot settings.