HAM Radio

I retired in June of 2000 from the Evansville, Indiana Police Department with over 30 years of service, the last 16 being the supervisor of the IT and communications unit. This is where I first ran into an amateur radio group called ARES and how much HAM radio operators could and would assist during emergencies, like blizzards. 

I got my first license in 1984 and have upgraded to an extra class.  The public safety aspects of ham radio is what drew me to HAM radio, but at 75, it is now my hobby. 

I have an Icom ID 5100, two Icom ID51A’s, a TYT DMR HT, a YAESU digital fusion HT, three Zumspots, 2 dual band Boafeng analog HT’s (for emergency use), and a DV Dongle.  I routinely monitor the D-Star reflector 30C and the north America groups on DMR and Fusion.  I do not have any HF gear anymore, but do monitor the local VHF and UHF repeaters in the Ocala, Marion County, Florida area.

I have been involved with D-Star and the public safety uses of that system (D-Rats) in Marion County Florida since 2008.  I am no longer a member of the county sheriff’s EOC and local emergency radio group in Marion county (MERT), but I continue to support ARRL and the ARES groups here.

In the summer of 2020 I got into DMR with the purchase of a TYT MD-380 and into Fusion with the puchase of a Yaesu FT-70D to use on ZUMspots.  So far, so good, but a lot to learn.

My call, W9CHA, was my father’s who was an avid amateur radio operator starting in the 1930’s.

Contact me anytime at ed@edandjeni.com.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

73 – Ed W9CHA